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Whitney Barataria Pump Station | Engineering Projects

Meyer Engineers, Ltd. provided Lifecycle Project Management for a $24M drainage improvement project on the West Bank of Jefferson Parish under the Southeast Louisiana (SELA) Flood Control Program, including managing and/or performing structural, civil, hydraulic, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, environmental, and value engineering design; architecture; surveying; GIS; materials testing; quality assurance; and construction management.

In addition, Meyer designed and managed construction of a new 3,000 cfs drainage pumping station, flood control structures, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete structures, bulkheads, dolphins, fenders, guide walls, jetties, highway work/roads, culverts and bridges, and associated buildings. Provided site layout, real estate rights of way, HTRW investigations, architectural treatments, soil borings and tests, pile capacity curves, soil pressure assessments, seepage and dewatering analysis, stability analysis, surveys, and aerial photographic coverage.

Meyer managed and performed design, construction management, QA inspection, and technical support during construction for a new 3,000 cfs drainage pumping station. The pump station consisted of three 11-foot diameter 1,000 cfs pumps, three 16-cylinder EMD diesel engines, an air suppression system, emergency generators, switchgears, gear reducers, overhead cranes, trash rakes, and an operator's office. The project also included an intake canal consisting of steel sheet pile wall with a concrete cap and a pile supported concrete deadman, a concrete discharge basis, riprap revetment, concrete I-walls, dolphins, dredging, and modifications to an existing earthen levee at the Intracoastal Waterway.

During design, Meyer participated in a Value Engineering effort led by USACE that determined the canal transition to the station required additional modeling to gauge the frequency and force potential eddies. Meyer teamed with Alden Research, Inc. to prepare a 3-D hydraulic model to provide a cost effective means to evaluate the operating performance of the design prior to construction. This resulted in a modification to the design, which included lengthening the intake basin for the intake canal to ensure proper hydraulics.

This project demonstrates Meyer's expertise in project management, civil and structural design, and construction management for a drainage pumping station in accordance with USACE guidelines. Specific relevance includes:

Start Date: december 1999
Substantial Completion Date: February 2004
Construction Cost: $21,500,000

“Meyer Engineers, Ltd. was responsible for the design and resident inspection of the Whitney Barataria Pumping Station project for the Jefferson Parish SELA Drainage program. Meyer Engineers was responsible and effective in their role in this project and I would recommend their consideration on future projects.”

Stephen B. Hinkamp, Resident Engineer
SELA Drainage Improvements