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Trapp Canal Improvements

Trapp Canal
Trapp Canal Meyer Engineers, Ltd., completed the design and construction support of the Trapp Canal Improvements. The project consists of drainage improvements with concrete slope paving for the 180’ wide, 7,600’ long earthen canal from Bayou Fatma to Bayou Barataria.

The project included installation of concrete paving along the upper slopes of the trapezoidal canal section, and placement of riprap to lower the side slopes of the canal. The project also included adjustment of several outfall culverts and bank stabilization for construction.

Several typical sections were developed based on hydraulic and slope stability analysis. Existing right-of-way width and constructability issues were considered in developing these canal sections. Several utility lines and golf cart bridges were adjusted for this project. The project was designed per Corps of Engineers’ requirements. SELA funding was provided for design and construction of this project.

Substantial Completion Date: 2016
Construction Cost: $14,600,000