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Mandeville Wetland Assimilation | Environmental Engineering Projects

This Wetland Assimilation project consisted of pumping treated sewerage from an existing sewerage treatment plant and disbursing it into wetlands. Meyer Engineering, Ltd. was responsible for investigating the most cost-effective means to pump the water to the targeted wetland areas. The firm prepared conceptual alignments, developed plans and specifications and provided construction administration.

Work included verifying/updating data from the existing treatment plant, pipes and pumps; verify calculations to determine flow velocity and pipe sizes; modifying existing pumps and piping at wellhead; telemetry control pumps; designing 9,000 feet of 20-inch P.E. sewer force main; 3,500 feet of 18-inch steel pipe above ground with accompanying boardwalk and two monitoring walkways; concrete and asphalt pavement and timber walkways over the new dispersion system.

Meyer coordinated with several agencies including the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE), Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LA DEQ) and the Mandeville Public Works Department.

Start Date: May 2000
Substantial Completion Date: September 2009
Construction Cost: $1,600,000