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Crown Point Levee System

Crown Point Levee The Crown Point Levee System project consists of design, permitting, and construction administration of levees, floodwalls, and floodgates around Crown Point, Louisiana. The levee system consists of approximately 23,000 linear feet of flood protection along Bayou Barataria, Bayou Des Families and LA Highway 3134. In addition, existing levees will be modified, widened and/or raised.

The scope of services includes hydraulic studies, detailed scoping, technical reports and presentations, preliminary design, final design, permitting, bidding, and construction administration. Flood protection sections include T-walls, I-walls, floodgates, and an earthen section. T-wall and I-wall sections include steel sheet pile walls.

Key Features:

Start Date: June 2015
Substantial Completion Date: UNDER DESIGN
Construction Cost: $21,000,000 (EST.)