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CHS Grain Export Terminal - Storm Water Management

Meyer Engineers, Ltd., designed, performed construction administration, and assisted with an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the CHS Grain Export Terminal. The scope of this project was to construct two (2) storm water wetlands of approximately 2 acres each for the purpose of reducing total organic carbon (TOC) in storm water runoff. Bald cypress was planted at a density of 200 per acre (800 trees total). Herbaceous species were allowed to colonize the area naturally. Sediment traps (also called forebays) were installed to collect undecomposed grain and other particulate matter before storm water reaches the wetlands. The forebays with the use of earthen weirs were designed to allow water level fluctuations that generated plant diversity and promote certain plant communities along a wetland border. Approximately 42,000 cubic yards of excavation was necessary to complete the project.

The project, funded through private resources, not only improved storm water management for the site but also assisted in restoration of the 471 acres of marshland in what is considered the Bayou Dupont marsh. The Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force, combined with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources was tasked under a separate publicly funded contract marsh restoration of the Bayou Dupont marsh. The CHS Grain Export Terminal project has shown that public and private partnerships can work to restore damaged wetlands.

Meyer Engineers, Ltd. assisted in preparation of the Coastal Use Permit (CUP) and 404 permits. In addition, Construction Administration was provided for the project that included responding to construction questions and review of pay applications by the contractor

Start Date: June 2010
Substantial Completion Date: January 2012
Construction Cost: $1,000,000